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Marketing research organizations look to SDR Sampling Services for a complete line of custom Random Digit Dial Samples, Listed Residential samples, business to business samples, consumer lists, and compiled lists for all their research projects.

  • Random Digit Dial (RDD) Sample: SDR utilizes GENESYS sampling software to generate the highest quality RDD sample possible. The database contains all of the working residential telephone exchanges and working banks in the U.S., offering the highest degree of representation. Sample frames can be defined by virtually any geographic criteria, and all information is updated every three months to assure the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Business Purging/RSVP Service for RDD Samples: SDR offers Business Purging and RSVP Service, both greatly increase sample efficiency while maintaining the soundness of the sample. Business Purging methodology identifies and removes a large portion of business numbers from any sample without compromising the residential integrity through the accidental removal of working residential numbers. Our RSVP (Random Sample Verification Program) includes the Business Purging service and also removes a large amount of disconnected numbers with any given sample. RSVP avoids the unnecessary occurrence of sampling error, and, in fact increases sample productivity by an average of 10-15%.
  • Listed Residential Samples: We offer listed residential samples which can be defined by virtually any geographic specification, including zipcode, census tract, and census block group. This ability to target small units of geography allows the client to be very specific in the area definition of the sampling frame. In addition, we can target a number of demographic criteria at the individual household level. This level of detail allows clients to greatly increase their sample efficiency, particularly on studies targeting low-incidence populations. Maximum representation within a listed frame is assured by the continuous updating of the database, which represents over 70 million households.
  • Business to Business File: SDR Sampling Service's Business file contains over 11 million businesses nationwide. Companies can be selected by SIC code, Employee size and Sales volume to help find the businesses or contact people necessary to complete your study. Over 95% of the entire business file is phone matched and most of the companies have a contact name.
  • Compiled Lists: Many research projects are very low incidence studies where it is hard to find the people needed to interview. SDR has access to many low incidence databases, from self administered questionnaires, that help our clients reach populations they need for these studies. Using a compiled list can take a low incidence project of 1% to 2% and increase it to 30% or as high 70%.
Ask Rick Hunter or our research project managers to assist you with any of the products that SDR Sampling Services offers.