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Pricing for Profitability

David Feldman

Customer Value Driven Pricing to Enhance the Bottom Line

In business, information is king. Having a detailed understanding of the needs and values of your customers in the context of the overall competitive marketplace allows you to develop effective marketing strategies, improve your competitive advantage, and increase your company profitability. Developing a system for collecting and analyzing marketplace intelligence is what Pricing for Profitability is all about.

This white paper will explain the benefits of Pricing for Profitability and show examples of marketing issues that the procedure addresses. Typical information that is provided by this approach will be shown, along with how this information is used to develop marketing strategies.

The last section enumerates some items that will need to be addressed when undertaking a Pricing for Profitability analysis.

Keywords: Pricing, profitability, research, pricing strategy, value pricing, price sensitivity, cannibalization, positioning, package offering, target segments, new product pricing

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